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Lin Wenzhong

North American famous universities Ottawa Canada U MBA, guangdong college of pharmacy health professor zhang

With a full range of international vision, professional thinking and practical skills, is an expert in interdisciplinary, cross-industry integrated,

Asia's most successful tourism complex - guangzhou chime-long tourist resort - the creation of a core team of high-level.

Is the domestic fight in the first line of a small number of really tourism planning, planning, marketing and operations management in the integration of outstanding experts,

Leading many large projects of international cooperation and international communication.

Tourism industry is founder of the concept of "theme park cluster" professional "traveling scenic area management system engineering theory, the founder of" and practitioners...

The charge of major projects:

"Guangzhou chime-long tourist resort"

"China merchants zhangzhou Pisces island feasibility study"

"The whole process of the xinjiang tianshan tianchi water world"

"Wenzhou theme park cluster overall planning"

The guangxi nanning phoenix ridge water world consultant management"

Fantasy Carson group sanya phoenix mountain water world feasibility study"

"China resources group jinan xinglong water park consultant management"

"Chengdu believe group Wan Chun theme park cluster planning"

The foshan south water tourism complex overall planning"

"King mountain resort world of ice and snow depth planning

The guangxi ze ren international cultural industrial park concept planning"

The hainan tropical wildlife garden (district) study of feasibility and localization

Tel:020-85218160     38900542
Mobile:15989170684(Mr. Huang)
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